As a policy instrument, emissions trading or carbon credits trading is preferable to taxes, inflexible command-and-control regulation, and taxpayer-funded support programmes because: It is the most economically efficient means of reaching a given emissions reduction target; It is specifically designed to deliver the environmental objective; and, It delivers a clear price signal against which to measure abatement investments.

Customers can buy carbon credits from Creduce, that holds one of the largest portfolio of carbon projects to protect the planet and transform lives. In the current scenario since more and more companies are trudging the path towards Net Zero or are subject to carbon regulations, the demand for carbon assets – particularly Carbon removal credits – is exuberating and all-time high. Our trading experts at Creduce are managing a range of Carbon investments for private and public entities for over a decade, under it’s management. Identified, Contracted and Developed 400+ carbon asset projects, with enormous amount in Multiple Millions in private investments by clients. Over a decade of technical experience in all major carbon standards and project types We develop, source and trade credits from sound governance based globally accepted standards Demonstrated carbon impact and delivery track record with the equivalent of 80 million tCO2 delivered over the past few years. Tailored solutions for clients aligned with their brand, business, and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Our buyers and sellers trust us for the transparency and best prices we offer, for their Carbon offset buying and selling requirements.


Climate change is a multi-billion-dollar opportunity waiting to be tapped


Laws are being framed to make saving environment mandatory in all industries

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You could turn your CSR funds to a socially profitable venture

Trading Platform

Matter of time before we have a carbon credit stock exchange

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Fueling Global Ambitions? You ought to Go-Green before you Go-Global

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Its just right to be socially responsible as an organization caring for the future