The plastic crisis has been weighing down heavily on the hearts of nations and these materials play a very enigmatic role in achieving Circular Economy ambitions. We support organizations in optimizing their Circular Economy forays by envisaging their product & process functionality, regional infrastructure legislation, and international trade-offs simultaneously with other sustainability criteria’s and subjects.

We are always enthusiastic to participate in an organization’s efforts at any moment of the journey. We offer clearly predefined services, while it’s our global and interdisciplinary team’s intention to contribute at different and diverse phases of our customer’s efforts in plastics and circular economy. We provide our Plastic Consulting services into; Plastic footprinting, by assessing on regional level risks of plastic leakage to the environment, and the likelihood of recycling. Plastics or sustainable materials strategy, including target setting, mitigation interventions and potential new partnerships. Product redesign opportunities in order to reduce leakage risk, waste minimization and increase recycling potential. Thus Creduce helps its clients in securing Plastic Credits as well. Plastic Credits Under the Plastic Program, projects that enable Waste plastic to be collected from the environment may be issued Waste Collection Credits (WCCs) and projects that enable plastic to be recycled may be issued Waste Recycling Credits (WRCs), collectively known as Plastic Credits. Each Plastic Credit represents one tonne of plastic waste that would otherwise have not been collected or recycled. Plastic Credits are characterized by a number of quality assurance principles which are confirmed through the project validation and verification process. Plastic Credits are ultimately purchased and retired by an end user to help address their plastic waste footprint. Plastic Credits can also be labeled with additional certifications if they meet the requirements of participating standards or any of the existing plastic credits programs.


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